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All 130 Recipes are Grain-Free, Gluten-Free Dairy-Free, Nightshade-Free, Corn-Free, Soy-Free, Paleo, and Low Starch.

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100 of the 130 recipes are Egg-Free and easily Vegan!

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Most of the recipes in this cookbook are actually *Starch Free* or very Low in Starch! 

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I include *4 Full Pages of Food Charts* showing a detailed list of the

Low/No Starch Foods I eat daily,

Medium Starch “Fringe” Foods,

and the High Starch and/or Inflammatory Foods I avoid.

This extensive food guide can be easily printed out and hung on your fridge!

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This eBook Cookbook is formatted to be printed out on any home printer!

Most people print it out and the book into a 3 ring binder to keep in the kitchen. You can also keep an electronic copy on your computer and tablet.

book pagesThe recipes in this book cover all of the breakfast basics including: 3 different kinds of Paleo Waffles, Pancakes, Biscuits & Gravy, Hash Browns, Breakfast Smoothies, Scrambles, Fruit & Nut Breakfast Bars and Toast, yes even”Toast”. Lunch recipes include Hearty Soups, Refreshing Salads, Sushi Rolls, Mediterranean Flat Bread Pizza, Hamburgers, French Fries, and Onion Rings.

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Dinner recipes range from Meatloaf, to Southern Chicken Pot Pie, Wild Game Stew, Maple Balsamic Glazed Salmon, Sweet & Sour Chicken, and so much more.

And the desserts will satisfy any sweet tooth, my favorites include a Hummingbird Cake Black Forest Cake, Blackberry Pie, Dairy Free Ice Creams, and Raw Chocolate Fruit Fondue.

Pure and Simple Paleo: a Low Starch Cookbook

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“I just wanted to write and thank you for publishing this.  I just made the chia and almond baguette, and it is divine. I don’t have AS, but I have Mixed Connective Tissue disease and a lot of k. pneumonae in my gut, so my doctor put me on the no starch diet a month or so ago to see if it helps.  I’ve been struggling a lot, both physically and mentally, with the diet. It seems stupid to say it, but my first taste was like a ray of hope.  I’m feeling a lot more optimistic with your cookbook in hand.  I can’t wait to try the rest of your recipes. Thanks!” – Catherine

“Well done! Thank you so much for your hard work in putting together this recipe book. It is a fantastic combination of recipes that anyone with AS or who just wants to eat healthy on a Paleo, no-starch, low starch eating life style to eat healthy and enjoy fantastic food. – Eric Baker

I LOVE this book. No matter what dietary restrictions you may or may not have, this is a fabulous resource for all cooks. It is filled with dozens of simple, flavorful, healthy — and most importantly — delicious recipes. Highly recommended.” — Amanda Kiely

“The book is beautiful, the photos are creative and wonderful and the recipes are all so interesting.  I just can’t wait to try them. What a wonderful job.” – Jan Schroeder

“This cookbook is beautiful and so impressive!!! Lovingly photographed, each recipe is made with such intentionality and care. I can’t wait to get cooking!!! Many healing diets will benefit from this collection. I am low-starch, grain-free and refined-sugar-free (on the GAPS diet) and I am totally inspired and delighted by Andrea’s cooking insights and the beauty with which they play out. She obviously has a huge heart for helping others. That’s the one good thing that comes from suffering: we can gain empathy to help others. I love how she has used her giftedness for our blessing and benefit. Really beautiful food and I learned a lot too. I love the charts that show how much starch each food contains and the guidance about how to make good, careful choices. You will never feel deprived with these recipes!!” – Megan Stevens

“Pure and Simple Paleo: a Low Starch Cookbook by Andrea Wyckoff is absolutely wonderful. Each recipe is clear, easy to follow, and brimming with fresh, natural ingredients. The photographs are lovely. Ms. Wyckoff’s passion for cooking is apparent on every page. There are recipes for quick snacks on the go, baked goods, and delicious meals. There is something delicious for everyone, whether vegan, paleo, just a fan of whole foods, or having a health condition including food sensitivities. This is a cookbook I’ll return to again and again. The beverage recipes are marvelous. Whether it’s a recipe for something refreshing on a hot day or something cozy for a chilly one, I plan to try them all.” – Janine Acevedo

“Dear Andrea, First off let me thank YOU!! Tonight I had my family over, two grown daughters, their husbands, grand-daughters, in-laws… Every dish was from your cook book!! The food was so good and everyone loved it. Since it was a birthday celebration for a few of them, I made the hummingbird cake and no one could believe the cake was so healthful and yet so scrumptious. AND, for the FIRST time in my entire life (including childhood) I came away from a family event NOT bloated, no headache, no fatigue!! Thank you for providing the impetus to tackle something so big as diet overhaul.. I thought I was eating correctly, but now realized I had so much further to go. Now, I’m on my way!! Please know that I have already shared your book name with dozen patients and will continue to do so.” – Andrea, PA and Clinical Director for a Gastroenterology Center, who also worked as a PA in Rheumatology. 

I don’t know where I’d be right now had I not found your cookbook. It has been such a help and inspiration to me on this healing journey. When I make your recipes, I feel “normal” because I am eating real food that tastes great! Meal prep takes longer when eating real/whole food, but your story, website, and passion for this keeps me (and many people) from falling off the NSD [No Starch Diet] and sabotaging themselves! … you only revolutionized every aspect of how I eat now!” – Jeanne Drennan

“I highly recommend your book on face book when I can. I’m really impressed with the recipes I’ve tried so far. I now have access to the stodge I need. Granola is my regular breakfast. Made a double batch today and finally the persimmon pie…. Love the look of the chips. I regularly freeze the wonder bread. You have made such a difference to my diet and I’m so pleased I discovered this book.” – Dawn Jones

“Hi Andrea, I have been meaning to write to you forever! I am turning 40 today, and thanks in large part to your selfless giving of advice and sharing of your talents and skills in the kitchen, I feel better now than I have in my entire adult life. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for giving your time (your most valuable possession) to share with the AS community and to offer an example of how positivity, dedication, and creativity can turn a negative situation or health problem into an immensely powerful lifestyle shift. I am so thankful to have discovered you and your recipes! I just had your flaxjacks with maple syrup and blueberries as my birthday breakfast! Have a great day!”– Bronwyn Barto Duke

“Pure and Simple Paleo has become my ‘go to’ cookbook for low starch recipes.  The recipes are simple to follow and beautifully illustrated.  Andrea has made notes to allow many of the recipes to be Autoimmune Protocol compliant.  My mother is managing type II diabetes with diet and loves the bread recipes.” – Best regards, Nicole, New Zealand

“I have a whole lineup of recipes that I will be trying this week! I am BRAND NEW to this AS diagnosis after almost a decade of unexplained pain so I am so happy and excited that so many have had success with healing through diet rather than drugs. I have actually been mostly paleo the past few years and refined sugar free for the past year…. So thankfully I was on the right track for the most part but am now strictly following the not starch diet (only a week so far) so I was ELATED with your book and your recipes that will now make my transition and life so much easier…. I am so thankful that Andrea Wyckoff put this together and shared it with the rest of us. And it’s not just for us living with AS!! The recipes are 100% paleo and I highly recommend it…” Jody Camille

“Your recipes are the foundation of my AS meal plan each week! I always have a batch of the waffles in my freezer and just this afternoon polished off my last four sea salt caramel truffles while watching football. I plan to make these and bags of your granola as gifts for Christmas as my friends absolutely love them. Thank you soooo much for sharing your passion – it’s a gift to all of us AS folk.” – Sincerely, Anne Kearns

“Andrea, I suffered through a Christmas party last week where I could only eat the goat cheese stuffed peppers that I brought. There was not one more item on the food table that I could eat. I was very hungry through the entire party! So I am on my way to another Christmas party tonight, and I pulled out your book and made two recipes. I have just finished making the rosemary shortbread cookies and the bacon brittle. I am amazed at how wonderful they taste, and I’m pretty sure they are the best things I’ve had since going starch free! I know I have thanked you for your book before, but thank you thank you thank you again! Also, The rosemary shortbread cookies were a big hit with my seven-year-old, which sort of shocked me.” – Glenna Marshall

“Oh my goodness!!! I am not even a quarter way through your recipes and i am almost in tears because all of it is exactly what I was looking for but did not know how to make it. Especially the breads. I love bread but should not have the store bought one. Now i can eat to my hearts content. A lot of the ingredients are things I love like almond butter, almond flour, figs dates, golden beets….I am in heaven. Thank you Andrea!!! I will start making these recipes ASAP” – Olga Nugara

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38 black forest cake

Ice Cream Sundae

Pure and Simple Paleo: a Low Starch Cookbook

Click the link below or the “Add to Cart” button to purchase these 130 low starch paleo recipes in an easy to print PDF for $15 or click this link. You can pay with Paypal or a credit/debit card through the link below. (Or if you want to send a check for $15 email me at

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